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Exact parts

May 16, 2018

Trademark Summary

The trademark application exact parts was filed by Exactparts, a corporation established under the laws of the Republic of Turkey (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on June 6, 2018, and it was registered by office on September 13, 2018 without any oppositions.

The application was filed in German (English was selected as the second language).

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 7 with following description of goods:
    1. Hydraulic pumps
    2. Hydraulic hammers
    3. Hydraulic valves
    4. Hydraulic engines and motors
    5. Hydraulic tools
    6. Servo-controlled hydraulic pumps
    7. Hydraulic valves [parts of machines]
    8. Hydraulic motors for excavators
    9. Hydraulic wrenches for use on drilling rigs
    10. Hoses (Non-metallic -) for use in hydraulic systems in machines
    11. Hoses (Metal -) for use in hydraulic systems in machines
    12. Swaging machines for use in the preparation of hydraulic hoses
    13. Swaging machines for use in the assembly of hydraulic hoses
    14. Gear boxes for hydraulic transmissions [other than for land vehicles]
    15. Rotary hydraulic motors [other than for land vehicles]
    16. Couplings of metal for hydraulic apparatus
    17. Discharge screws for hydraulic fluids [parts of machines]
    18. Hydraulic transmissions, other than for land vehicles
    19. Hydraulic pliers (parts of constructing machines)
    20. Self-propelled hydraulic platforms
    21. Hydraulic circuits for machines
    22. Wheels and tracks for machines
    23. Catalytic converters
    24. Catalytic converters for the exhaust gases of internal combustion engines
    25. Waste gas conduits [parts of machines]
    26. Exhaust gas treatment systems for diesel engines
    27. Waste gas return valves [parts of machines]
    28. Turbo-superchargers for land vehicle engines
    29. Discharge screws for compressed air [parts of machines]
    30. Discharge screws for liquid materials [parts of machines]
    31. Discharge screws for gaseous materials [parts of machines]
    32. Baffles [parts of machines, engines or motors]
    33. Dressers for blades [machine tool]
    34. Suction turbines [other than for land vehicles]
    35. Shutter valves
    36. Stop valves [parts of machines]
    37. Stop valves of plastic [parts of machines]
    38. Stop valves of metal [parts of machines]
    39. Disengaging mechanisms being parts of machines
    40. Metal branching pipes [parts of machines]
    41. Metal branching pipes [parts of engines]
    42. Adaptors for pipes [parts of machines]
    43. Adaptors for tool bits [parts of machines]
    44. Adapters for machine tools
    45. Workpiece clamping attachments [parts of machines]
    46. Drive units, other than for land vehicles
    47. Rotary to linear actuators
    48. Drives for converting rotary motion to linear motion [other than for land vehicles]
    49. Variable speed drives for machines
    50. Drives for ventilation flaps
    51. Aviation drive trains
    52. Drives for conveyors
    53. Motor driven windlasses
    54. Starters for asynchronous electric cage motors
    55. Starters for motors and engines
    56. Starters for stationary engines
    57. Starting couplings for air vehicles
    58. Starting couplings for machines
    59. Starting couplings for water vehicles
    60. Starter pinions
    61. Recoil starters for engines other than for vehicles
    62. Intake manifolds [vehicle parts]
    63. Automotive intake manifolds
    64. Intake manifolds for motors
    65. Intake manifolds for internal combustion engines
    66. Anti-lock brake apparatus for machines
    67. Anti-friction bearings for machines
    68. Anti-kickback devices for power tools
    69. Anti-shock pads [parts of machines]
    70. Drives for elevator cabin doors
    71. Drives for elevators
    72. Hangers for internal combustion engines [parts of internal combustion engines]
    73. Shaft mounted gear units [other than for land vehicles]
    74. Fittings for engine boilers
    75. Transmission shafts, other than for land vehicles
    76. Transmission shafts for water vehicles
    77. Transmission shafts for machines
    78. Transmission shafts for air vehicles
    79. Driving devices for machines
    80. Power trains for sea craft
    81. Drive pulleys for power transmission belts of agricultural machines
    82. Drive pulleys for power transmission belts of industrial machines
    83. Drive pulleys
    84. Impellers for turbo-superchargers
    85. Impellers
    86. Drive belts for water vehicles
    87. Drive belts for driving aircraft
    88. Drive mechanisms for machine tools
    89. Motor drive mechanisms [other than for land vehicles]
    90. Drive mechanisms
    91. Power transmission belting for machines
    92. Drive chains for driving aircraft
    93. Transmission chains, other than for land vehicles
    94. Engines and motors for model vehicles, aircraft and boats
    95. Driving motors, other than for land vehicles
    96. Boat engines
    97. Mud motors
    98. Core bits [machine tools]
    99. Bellows [parts of machines]
    100. Drives for vacuum pumps
    101. Unloading check valves for the outlets of air compressors
    102. Automatic inlet control valves for reciprocating air compressors
    103. Axial flow blowers
    104. Axial flow compressors
    105. Axial pumps
    106. Machines for inflating balloons
    107. Pump-motor assemblies
    108. Pumping station assemblies
    109. Aerating pumps
    110. Aerating pumps for aquaria
    111. Aeration pumps for bodies of water
    112. Aeration pumps for ponds
    113. Pressurising machines for drums
    114. Pumps for concrete
    115. Beer pumps
    116. Forge bellows
    117. Diffusion pumps
    118. Controlled volume pumps
    119. Metered gasoline pumps
    120. Drainage machines
    121. Rotary blowers
    122. Rotary lobe pumps
    123. Rotary air compressors
    124. Rotary gear pumps
    125. Gas actuated rams
    126. Feed pumps
    127. Fluid pumping installations
    128. Fluid pumps
    129. Fiber blowing machines
    130. Submersible electric pumps
    131. Electric pumps for swimming pools
    132. Electrical pumps
    133. Electrical motor pump units
    134. Electric water pumps for swimming pools
    135. Electric water pumps for spa baths
    136. Electric water pumps for baths
    137. Electric water pumps
    138. Electrical pumps for ponds
    139. Electric compressors
    140. Power operated blowers
    141. Ejectors
    142. Ejectors [pumps]
    143. Jets being parts of machines
    144. Pressure intensifiers [machines]
    145. Pressure multipliers for liquids
    146. Pressure pumps
    147. Compressed air machines
    148. Compressed air pumps
    149. Pneumatic pumps for the supply of liquefied gases
    150. Refrigerant recovery pumps
    151. Refrigerant compressors for cooling installations
    152. Refrigerant compressors for heating installations
    153. Compressors for supercharging internal combustion engines
    154. Compressors as parts of machines, motors and engines
    155. Compressors
    156. Reciprocating compressors
    157. Piston rings for heat pumps
    158. Diaphgram pumps
    159. Reciprocating vacuum pumps
    160. Hydraulic rams
    161. High temperature pumps
    162. High-pressure pumps for washing appliances and installations
    163. High pressure pumps
    164. Industrial vacuum machines for use in manufacture
    165. Blowing machines for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain
    166. Blowing machines for the compression, exhaustion and transport of gases
    167. Compressing fans
    168. Industrial blowers
    169. Compressors for gases
    170. Gas generators [compressors] for undersea lifting
    171. Gas generators [compressors] for inflating rigid structures
    172. Gas generators [compressors] for inflating flexible structures
    173. Pressure multipliers for gases
    174. Water extracting machines
    175. Aquarium air stones [pumps]
    176. Air pumps for use in terrariums
    177. Air pumps [garage installations]
    178. Air pumps
    179. Air condensers [compressors]
    180. Air compressors for vehicles
    181. Air compressors for vehicle compressed air systems
    182. Air compressors
    183. Air blowing machines
    184. Bilge pumps
    185. Pump impellers
    186. Centrifugal pumps for condensing units
    187. Fuel pumps for land vehicles
    188. Compressors for recovering and recycling refrigerant gases
    189. Compressors for machines
    190. Compressors for refrigerators
    191. Compressors for air handlers
    192. Compressors for air conditioning apparatus
    193. Compressors for dehumidifying machines
    194. Compressors [compactors] for waste collection vehicles
    195. Compressors [machines]
    196. Compressors [compactors] for waste collection containers
    197. Oil-well pumping machines
    198. Oil drain pumps
    199. Machines, tools and apparatus for fastening and joining
    200. Coating machines
    201. Printing and bookbinding machines
    202. Filtering machines, separators and centrifuges
    203. Shaping and moulding machines
    204. Food and beverage processing and preparation machines and apparatus
    205. Waste management and recycling machines
    206. Material production and processing machines
    207. Mills and crushing machines
    208. Cutting, drilling, abrading, sharpening and surface treatment machines and apparatus
    209. Textile and leather sewing equipment
    210. 3D printers
    211. Demolition hammers [machines]
    212. Sheet-continuity sequencing machines
    213. Dressing machines
    214. Absorbing machines for chemical processing
    215. Extensions for power tools
    216. Vapor deposition machines
    217. Dissolving machines [for chemical processing]
    218. Automated assembly machines
    219. Tape stretching machines
    220. Strip coiling machines for transformer coils
    221. Cotton fluffing machines
    222. Aerators
    223. Sheet metal working machines
    224. Electric hammers [hand-held]
    225. Electric hammers
    226. Electric caulking guns
    227. Electric rotary hammers
    228. Rotating electrical machines
    229. Power-operated plumbing snakes
    230. Nail extractors, electric
    231. Electrical hand tools
    232. Electric nail extractors
    233. Tin openers, electric
    234. Utensils (Electric -) for stirring liquids
    235. Single shouldered beading machines
    236. Air hammers
    237. Rotary hammers [machines]
    238. Rotating centres [machines]
    239. Manipulators [machines] for industrial use
    240. Manipulating devices [machines] for industrial use
    241. Wire pulling grips [machines]
    242. Wire-coiling machines
    243. Can opening machines
    244. Industrial tin openers
    245. Sheet-inserting machines
    246. Briquetting machines
    247. Steam hammers [machines]
    248. Deionizing machines
    249. Blowing engines
    250. Blowing machines
    251. Embossing machines
    252. Gas converters
    253. Yarn winding machines
    254. Yarn slivering and combing machines
    255. Yarn singeing machines
    256. Guidance frameworks for machine tools
    257. Dyeing machines
    258. Moulding machines
    259. Liquid blenders [machines]
    260. Liquid aerators [machines]
    261. Braiding machines
    262. Fish-netting machines
    263. Filter rod making machines
    264. Breakrock hammers [machines]
    265. Paint marking machines
    266. Power hammers
    267. Extracting machines [for chemical processing]
    268. Oil refining machines
    269. Dust collecting machines for chemical processing
    270. Emulsifying machines [for chemical processing]
    271. Electrolysis apparatus for electroplating
    272. Electromechanical machines for chemical industry
    273. Power tools for use in ice sculpting
    274. Tilt hammers
    275. Tempering machines
    276. Hammers [parts of machines]
    277. Industrial hammers [machines]
    278. Process control instruments [hydraulic]
    279. Honing machines for metalworking
    280. Wood beating machines
    281. Woodworking machines
    282. Hammering machines
    283. Machines for the production of semiconductors
    284. Semiconductor processing machines for the manufacture of substrates
    285. Semiconductor processing machines for the manufacture of magnetic disks
    286. Semiconductor processing machines for the manufacture of semiconductor wafers
    287. Semiconductor processing machines for etching substrates
    288. Semiconductor processing machines for etching magnetic disks
    289. Semiconductor processing machines for etching semiconductor wafers
    290. Rubber vulcanizing apparatus
    291. Rubber mixing machines
    292. Etching apparatus for use in manufacturing display panels
    293. Pelletizer plates being parts of machines
    294. Pelletizer blades being parts of machines
    295. Glass-working machines
    296. Granulating machines [for chemical processing]
    297. Machines for the preparation of surfaces for electrical and electronic components
    298. Brake flushing machines
    299. Mechanical tools
    300. Aerocondensers
    301. Air condensers
    302. Air-cooled condensers
    303. Refrigeration condensers
    304. Power operated tools
    305. Yarn tension control devices [parts of machines]
    306. Centrifugal fan condensers
    307. Axial fan condensers
    308. Condensing installations
    309. Combined wire strippers and cutters [machines]
    310. Kneading machines [for chemical processing]
    311. Bonding machines
    312. Yarn warping machines
    313. Ceramic tools for machines
    314. Edge sealing machines for industrial use
    315. Edging tools [machines]
    316. Calcining machines [for chemical processing]
    317. Industrial robots for working plastic material
    318. Industrial robots for working wood
    319. Industrial robots for working glass
    320. Process control units [hydraulic]
    321. Impregnating machines
    322. Cigarette making machines
    323. Machines for making tools
    324. Memory chip manufacturing machines
    325. Sign makers [machines]
    326. Machines for manufacturing joints
    327. Paper bag making machines
    328. Graphite electrode making machines
    329. Machines for the manufacture of moulds
    330. Semiconductor wafer processing equipment
    331. Tyre removers [machines]
    332. Processing machines using processing gases for the treatment of objects
    333. Processing machines using processing liquids for the treatment of objects
    334. Machines for applying beading to edges of mattresses
    335. Machines for annealing electrical and electronic circuitry
    336. Cottonseed delinters
    337. Patterning mechanisms [machines], other than for office use
    338. Spring powered machines
    339. Machines for the manufacture of sachets
    340. Machines for surface deposition
    341. Bicycle assembling machines
    342. Machines for plastics working
    343. Machines for use in the manufacture of electrical and electronic circuitry
    344. Rubber processing machines
    345. Machines for use in the processing of water
    346. Racket stringing machines
    347. Industrial mixing machines
    348. Miniature power tools
    349. System control instruments (Mechanical -)
    350. Process control units [mechanical]
    351. Process control instruments [mechanical]
    352. Mechanical mixing machines
    353. Matrices for setting presses
    354. Machine tools for the plastics processing industry
    355. Machines for manufacturing packaging materials
    356. Machines for the assembly of semiconductor components
    357. Pulp making machines
    358. Cord making machines
    359. Paper sack making machines
    360. Box making machines
    361. Semiconductor substrates manufacturing machines
    362. Rubber manufacturing machines
    363. Glassware manufacturing machines
    364. Manufacturing machines for liquid crystal display devices
    365. Machines for making cigarette filter rods
    366. Screw threaded cap openers [machines]
    367. Air-powered tools
    368. System control instruments (Pneumatic -)
    369. Process control units [pneumatic]
    370. Process control instruments [pneumatic]
    371. Industrial pneumatic tools
    372. Pneumatic hammers [hand-held]
    373. Pneumatically driven presses
    374. Plates for the sintering of powdered metals
    375. Plates for the sintering of ceramic materials
    376. Plasma etching machines
    377. Guns [tools using explosives]
    378. Anti-swinging brakes for tongs
    379. Anti-swinging brakes for grippers
    380. Pantograph controlled machines for sign making
    381. Optical sorting machines
    382. Numerically controlled machine tools
    383. Numerically controlled machining stations having an automatic tool changer
    384. Hand-held tools, other than hand-operated
    385. Pattern rolling machines
    386. Motor driven tools
    387. Assembly presses
    388. Assembling machines for liquid crystal display devices
    389. Modular tools for machines
    390. Machines for use in assembly
    391. Rotary tools [machines]
    392. Rotary tool bits [machines]
    393. Roller installations for brake testing
    394. Tube insertion machines for industrial use
    395. Robotic mechanisms for working metal
    396. Robotic mechanisms for working plastic material
    397. Robotic mechanisms for working wood
    398. Robotic mechanisms for working glass
    399. Robotic plugging machines
    400. Robotic finishing machines
    401. Robots for machine tools
    402. Tyre vulcanising machines
    403. Automatic tire removing and installing devices
    404. Ratchet handles [machines]
    405. Precision machine tools for machining workpieces
    406. Precision machine tools being parts of sets
    407. Precision machine tools
    408. Precision machines for producing parts for turbojets
    409. Imprinting machines for industrial purposes
    410. Pneumatic hammers
    411. Air driven hand tools
    412. Presses for chemical processing
    413. Fibreboard presses [machines]
    414. Lacing machines
    415. Pneumatic tools [machines]
    416. Scaling machines
    417. Rope making machines
    418. Shaking machines for use in manufacture
    419. Shredders [machines]
    420. Screw extractors [machines]
    421. Hand held cordless power tools
    422. Whisks [electric machines] for industrial purposes
    423. Spiral mixing machines
    424. Grinding machines
    425. Percussion tool bits for machines
    426. Beating machines
    427. Percussion hammers [machines]
    428. Agitators for circulating liquid media
    429. Agitators for chemical processing
    430. Rotor arms for size reduction machines
    431. Agitating mechanisms
    432. Agitators
    433. Honeycomb foundation machines
    434. Vulcanization apparatus
    435. Vibrators [machines] for industrial use
    436. Spline shank bits [parts of machines]
    437. Plugging machines
    438. Extension bars for power tools
    439. Compacting machines
    440. Contacting machines [mixing machines]
    441. Portable electric power tools
    442. Portable air tools
    443. Stone hammers [machines]
    444. Stone-working machines
    445. Coil winding machines
    446. Tension ratchets [machines]
    447. Tighteners [machines]
    448. Slotting machines
    449. Machine tools
    450. Machine tools for sale in kit form
    451. Tools for machine tools
    452. Machine tools for woodworking machines
    453. Tools [parts of machines]
    454. Tool bits for use in power operated hand tools
    455. Pumps for use in the food industry [machines]
    456. Pumps for the extraction of gases [machines]
    457. Pumps for the extraction of liquids [machines]
    458. Pumps for the extraction of vapour [machines]
    459. Pumps for counter-current swimming
    460. Pumps for heating installations
    461. Shower pumps
    462. Aquarium pumps
    463. Pumps for aerosols
    464. Macerator pumps
    465. Pumps being parts of washing machines
    466. Pumps [machines] for the beverage industry
    467. Pumps [machines]
    468. Pumps [parts of machines, engines or motors]
    469. Pumping apparatus [machines]
    470. Pneumatic pumps
    471. Pneumatic waste oil drainers
    472. Engines for compressors
    473. Engine driven water pumps
    474. Diaphragm pumps for pumping semi-liquid material
    475. Diaphragm pumps for pumping liquid material
    476. Multi-phase screw pumps
    477. Tyre inflating machines [garage installations]
    478. Self-regulating pumps [other than for the delivery of fuel at filling stations]
    479. Self-priming centrifugal pumps
    480. Screw air compressors
    481. Screw pumps
    482. Sludge pumps
    483. Lubricating pumps
    484. Marine pumps
    485. Suction valves for air compressors
    486. Suction valves for gas compressors
    487. Suction pumps
    488. Suction machines for industrial purposes
    489. Suction machines for scavenging purposes
    490. Air suction machines
    491. Rotary pumps
    492. Rotary compressors
    493. Robotic compressors
    494. Robotic compressed air pumps
    495. Rams [machines]
    496. Shafts for pumps
    497. Pump diaphragms
    498. Pump starters
    499. Pump installations
    500. Pumps for cooling engines
    501. Pumps for aerating indoor aquariums
    502. Water pumps for water filtering units
    503. Water pumps for use in motors and engines
    504. Water pumps
    505. Basement draining installations
    506. Volumetric rotating gear pumps
    507. Vertical turbine pumps
    508. Distribution pumps
    509. Positive displacement pumps
    510. Pistons for compressors
    511. Valves for pumps
    512. Vacuum pump installations
    513. Vacuum pumps [machines]
    514. Vacuum pads for vacuum pump machines
    515. Pressure vacuum pumps
    516. Circulating pumps
    517. Reverse osmosis pumps
    518. Submersible pumps
    519. Jet pumps for vacuum generation
    520. Pump control valves
    521. Feeding apparatus for engine boilers
    522. Shaving exhaust installations
    523. Centrifugal water pumps for domestic purposes
    524. Centrifugal pumps
    525. Centrifugal compressors
    526. Centrifugal blowers
    527. Gear pumps
    528. Windmill pumps
    529. Water supply machines [pumps]
    530. Water pumps for land vehicles
    531. Water pumps for vehicles
    532. Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on mining machines
    533. Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on construction machines
    534. Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on loading-unloading machines and apparatus
    535. Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on snow ploughs
    536. Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on agricultural machines
    537. Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on construction machines
    538. Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on loading-unloading machines and apparatus
    539. Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on mining machines
    540. Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on snow ploughs
    541. Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on agricultural machines
    542. Machine wheels
    543. Friction wheels for machines
    544. Roller tracks for use in belt conveyor apparatus
    545. Roller tracks for use in roller conveyor apparatus
    546. Machine wheelwork
    547. Bucket wheels
    548. Worm wheels for machines
    549. Machine fly-wheels
    550. Spur wheels [parts of machines]
    551. Toothed wheels for driving chains
    552. Gear wheels for machines
    553. Actuating mechanisms for controlling slats
    554. Actuating mechanisms for controlling rudders
    555. Actuating mechanisms for operating aircraft flaps
    556. Laminated leaf-springs being parts of machines
    557. Gasoline engines not for land vehicles
    558. Petrol injection instruments
    559. Linings for brakes [parts of machines]
    560. Band brakes [machine elements not for land vehicles]
    561. Plain thrust bearings
    562. Outboard engines for boats
    563. Outboard motors
    564. Steam traps
    565. Exhaust mufflers for watercraft
    566. Exhausts for motors and engines
    567. Exhaust pipes for land vehicles
    568. Automotive exhaust pipe
    569. Exhaust manifold for engines
    570. Exhausts
    571. Expansion tanks [parts of vehicle cooling radiators]
    572. Elevator gears
    573. Steam engines, other than for land vehicles
    574. Steam engine boilers for power generation, other than for land vehicles
    575. Steam engines
    576. Steam condensers [parts of machines]
    577. Steam boilers for steam generating [parts of machines]
    578. Steam boilers [parts of machines]
    579. Steam pressure variation engines
    580. Brushes being parts of motors, generators and dynamos
    581. Brushes [parts of machines]
    582. Exhaust bypasses
    583. Bushings for the keying of rolling bearings
    584. Bushings being parts of machines
    585. Fuel systems for internal combustion engines
    586. Fuel conversion apparatus for internal combustion engines
    587. Self-regulating fuel pumps
    588. Fuel injection pumps
    589. Brake shoes, other than for vehicles
    590. Brake pads, other than for vehicles
    591. Brake motors
    592. Braking components for machines
    593. Brakes for machines
    594. Brakes for industrial machines
    595. Brake linings, other than for vehicles
    596. Brake segments, other than for vehicles
    597. Brake linings for machines
    598. Torque converters, other than for land vehicles
    599. Torque converters for machines
    600. Rotary brushes for machines
    601. Rotating centres [parts of machines]
    602. Wire brushes for use in machines
    603. Wire brushes [parts of machines]
    604. Dispensing valves being machine parts
    605. Dosing valves [parts of machines]
    606. Indexing drive machines
    607. Digital electro-hydraulic proportioning valves
    608. Differential gear mechanisms for sea craft
    609. Differential gear mechanisms for machines
    610. Differential gear mechanisms for air vehicles
    611. Diesel engines for water vehicles
    612. Diesel engines for machines
    613. Diesel engines for air vehicles
    614. Diesel engines not for land vehicles
    615. Diesel injection devices
    616. Sealing joints [parts of machines]
    617. Steam marine engines [not for land vehicles]
    618. Steam turbines [other than for land vehicles]
    619. Joints [parts of engines]
    620. Joints for pipes (metal -) [parts of machines]
    621. Non-metal engine gaskets for vehicles
    622. Gaskets for internal combustion engines
    623. Plug cocks [parts of machines]
    624. Valves operated by changes in pressure
    625. Pressure transformers
    626. Pressure valves [parts of machines]
    627. Pressure regulators for lubricating installations
    628. Pressure regulators [parts of machines]
    629. Pressure regulating apparatus being parts of machines
    630. Pressure reducers [parts of machines]
    631. Ram air turbines [other than for land vehicles]
    632. Compressed air switch valves
    633. Compressed air engines
    634. Compressed air pilot valves
    635. Pressure pipes of metal [parts of machines]
    636. Pressure controllers [valves] being parts of machines
    637. Pressure release screws being parts of machines
    638. Butterfly shutters
    639. Butterfly valves (Non-metallic -) being parts of machines
    640. Butterfly valves of metal being parts of machines
    641. Speed governors for machines, engines and motors
    642. Speed governors for machines
    643. Speed governers [mechanical] for machines, engines and motors
    644. Slewing gear
    645. Rotary tables for machine tools
    646. Electric alternators for water vehicles
    647. Electric alternators for land vehicles
    648. Electric power supplies [generators]
    649. Power shift transmissions [other than for land vehicles]
    650. Electric motors, and their parts, not for land vehicles
    651. Electronic starters for engines
    652. Electrical drives for machines
    653. Fractional horsepower electric motors
    654. Geared electric motors for water craft
    655. Electrical rotary converters
    656. Electrical brakes for machines
    657. Electric drives for elevators
    658. Electric drives for machine tools
    659. Electric propulsion mechanisms for water vehicles
    660. Power-operated grinding wheels
    661. Single sheet diffusion transfer plates [parts of machines]
    662. Disposable blades for use with machines
    663. Keys for securing bits [machine]
    664. Keys for releasing machining bits
    665. Sockets [parts for machines]
    666. Injectors for engines
    667. Inlet systems for gas turbines
    668. Inert gas generators [machines]
    669. Angle valves being parts of machines
    670. Jet engines
    671. Jet engines, other than for land vehicles
    672. Dynamo belts
    673. Exhaust systems for vehicles
    674. Expansion tanks [parts of machines]
    675. Expansion boxes for exhausts
    676. Splines (involute -) [parts of machines]
    677. Anti-vibration mountings for machines
    678. Graders [machines or parts of machines]
    679. Tapping valves for metallurgical purposes
    680. Exhausters being suction ventilators
    681. Electronic ignitions for vehicles
    682. Electronic servo motor controllers
    683. Electronic controls for motors
    684. Electrical engines, other than for land vehicles
    685. Geared electric motors, other than for land vehicles
    686. Geared electric motors for aircraft
    687. Electric motors for use with doors
    688. Electric motors for machines with a digital servo drive controller
    689. Electric driving motors for machines
    690. Electric motors for heating installations
    691. Electrically operated brushes, being parts of machines
    692. Electric propulsion mechanisms for machines
    693. Electric ignition apparatus for internal combustion engines
    694. Electric ignition devices [other than for igniting at a distance]
    695. Electric ignition coils
    696. Electric alternating current motor drives
    697. Electric alternators for machines
    698. Guides for machines
    699. Traps for dust [part of machines]
    700. Traps for liquids [part of machines]
    701. Freewheels, other than for land vehicles
    702. Free wheel couplings [other than for land vehicles]
    703. Fluid couplings being parts of machines
    704. Aeroplane engines
    705. Flexible couplings [parts of machines]
    706. Clamp connectors for piping [parts of machines]
    707. Workpiece locators [parts of machines]
    708. Workpiece locators [machines]
    709. Filter housings being parts of engines
    710. Filter housings being parts of machines
    711. Filters for internal combustion engines
    712. Filters being parts of machines
    713. Filters [parts of machines or engines]
    714. Flues for engine boilers
    715. Damping rollers being parts of machines
    716. Grease filters [parts of machines].