EUTM file information


CeramicSpeed SLT

May 16, 2018

Trademark Summary

The trademark application CeramicSpeed SLT was filed by Ceramicspeed A/S, a corporation established under the laws of the Kingdom of Denmark (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on July 3, 2018, and it was registered by office on October 10, 2018 without any oppositions.

The application was filed in English (German was selected as the second language).

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 4 with following description of goods:
    1. Lubricants
    2. Solid lubricants
    3. Oil based lubricants
    4. Lubricants in the form of gear oils
    5. Lubricants for machines
    6. Universal lubricants
    7. Synthetic lubricants
    8. Lubricating oils
    9. Industrial oils and greases, lubricants
    10. Lubricating oils [industrial lubricants]
    11. Industrial oils for the lubrication of surfaces
    12. Fats and lubricants for ball bearings.
  • The mark was filed in class 7 with following description of goods:
    1. Pulleys
    2. Bearings, including ceramic bearings
    3. Ball-bearings
    4. Bearings (Ball rings for -)
    5. Rings (Ball -) for bearings
    6. Roller bearings
    7. Anti-friction bearings for machines
    8. Ball bearings for machines
    9. Ball bearings for motors.
  • The mark was filed in class 12 with following description of goods:
    1. Parts and fittings for land vehicles, including pulley wheels and anti-friction bearings for bicycles
    2. Ball bearings for land vehicles, including ceramic bearings
    3. Axle ball bearings for land vehicles
    4. Pulley wheels for land vehicles
    5. Bicycles
    6. Gears (parts for bicycles)
    7. Bicycle construction parts
    8. Bicycle wheels
    9. Gears for land vehicles
    10. Bicycle chains
    11. Brackets as structural parts of bicycles
    12. Bottom brackets
    13. Rear suspension bearings
    14. Wheel hub bearings
    15. Gear wheels for bicycles
    16. Rear derailleurs
    17. Ball bearings for land vehicles.